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  • How many Direct Support Professionals do you have?
    HeartSpring works with approx. 100 Direct Support Professionals. Referring to our management plan, we expect to expand our contractors in the near future.
  • How many individuals do you serve?
    HeartSpring serves approx. 60 individuals mostly in the community. Similarly to Direct Support Professionals, we hope to expand the number of individuals we serve in the near future.
  • What is your new contractor procedure?
    In order to become a Direct Support Professional with HeartSpring, you must, at minimum, be a high school graduate trained in CPR, first aid, and approved training for alternatives to restrictive interventions. For new Direct Support Professionals, the first step is to apply. Turn in an application with the minimum of a valid driver's license and Social Security Card. After full assessment of your history, we will proceed with privileging necessary competencies relating to the position.
  • How does my family member get services with Heartspring?
    In order to transfer service provision of an individual to a DSP linked with Heartspring, the individual's legal guardian needs to contact us and discuss if we are the appropriate agency. If it is determined that we can successfully serve you, your care coordinator needs to be contacted in order to request that the transfer be made. Finally, we must have authorization for services and all appropriate documentation completed prior to sevice provision.
  • How do I get involved with HeartSpring, Inc.?"
    We do not currently accept volunteers or provide internships, but if you wish to be a Direct Support Professional, follow the new contractor procedure above. For further questions you may have, use the contact page to get in touch.
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